This admin-side plugin is a simple tool for managing the robots.txt file from within Textpattern. It’s a little addition to your SEO toolbox.

Upon install, it creates a new tab robots.txt under Textpatterns extensions tab.


  • Create, update or delete the robots.txt file
    • Create or update the file, if the textarea is not empty when submitted
    • Delete robots.txt if the textarea is saved empty
  • Contains basic help and some useful links


Users must have Publisher (1) or Managing Editor (2) permissions to access this plugin.

Tested with Textpattern 4.4.1.


Andreas Blaser


Install and activate the plugin – as usual – by importing it via TXP’s plugin tab.


Deactivate and delete the plugin from TXP’s plugin tab. Please note, uninstalling the plugin does not remove the robots.txt file if there is one.


Go to Extensions > robots.txt and enter some robots rules/directives.

Adding links to the list of “Useful Resources”

You can add your own links to the list of resources displayed below the help. To do so, you need to add a link-category with the name ‘robots_txt’. Then you can enter your links under Content > Links and assign them the formerly created link-category.


Version 0.1 (2001-11-15)
  • First public release.