Version 0.20 (2013-03-27)

  • Improved installation procedures:
    • SECURITY: changes filemode for created directories from 777 to 755.
    • Log errors, warnings and notices in error-log if something goes wrong.
    • Set plugin load-order to 9 in database table txp_plugin.
    • Remove textpack entry ‘abl_droploader_prefs_custom_stylesheetb’ from table txp_lang (misspelled key)
  • Uninstallation procedure added (executed when the plugin has been deleted):
    • Remove preferences, textpacks and filesystem resources (js, css, directories)

Version 0.19 (2013-02-21)

  • Write Pane: Rendering of the droploader open-link changed. Function ‘wrapRegion’ will be used, if available (Txp 4.6).
  • Correction in jquery.droploader.js: Ignore drop-events when the drop-area is not visible.
  • Cleanup php and javascripts (remove commented code).

Version 0.18 (2013-02-19)

  • Resolved a compatibility issue with jQuery 1.9 (Txp 4.6-SVN): Use ‘delegate’ instead of ‘live’ for event-handler attachment (live-method has been removed in jQuery 1.9). The delegate-method is available in jQuery Versions 1.4.2 or newer.

Version 0.17 (2013-01-26)

  • Changed plugin load order from 5 (default) to 9 (low priority). The reason is, that there may be other plugins (like smd_thumbnail), that uses the callback image_uploaded from txp_image.php. Because DropLoader does a PHP exit within that callback, other plugins must be called before DropLoader. Otherwise the callback-event is not fired for these plugins.
  • Added a new option ‘article-image fields’, which is a comma separated list of article-image CSS field-id’s (default: #article-image). When multiple fields are given, the image-ids’s are inserted into all of these fields. Use #custom-n for the article custom fields, where “n” is the field-number.
  • Corrected a typo in the textpack: abl_droploader_prefs_custom_stylesheetb renamed to abl_droploader_prefs_custom_stylesheet.
  • New entry added to the textpack for the new option in the prefs-panel.
  • Correction in installation procedure: properly add new options to the prefs. Version 0.16 failed to do that correctly.

Version 0.16 (2013-01-16)

  • Enable DropLoader also after editing an image. I forget to change this in 0.15.
  • Added two new options for a more flexible UI styling. Option ‘use default styles’ (default: yes) and ‘custom stylesheet’ (default: empty) which is a stylesheet (path/filename) of your own. The custom stylesheet will be included after the default stylesheet, if this is also enabled.
  • Two entries added to the textpack for the new options in the prefs-panel.
  • Added an installation note concerning upgrading DropLoader and browser caching.
  • Cleaned up jquery.droploader.js (comments removed)

Version 0.15 (2013-01-07)

  • Do not override thumb dimensions on installation if they are already set.
  • Enable DropLoader also after editing an image.
  • Better error handling in JavaScript after upload error.
  • Default for option “reload image list after upload” changed to false, because pages may contain post-data.

Version 0.14 (2013-01-02)

  • Avoid display of a JSON-String like {“status” : 1,“image_id” :123}, for example after editing a single image.
  • Enable DropLoader also on empty image-list (no images, no search result), after doing list operations (multi-edit) and after changing the page-size.
  • Better integration with admin themes:
    • Avoid overlay of the close-button for the Hive admin-theme (Txp 4.5.x).
    • Write Tab: Rendering of open-link changed.

Version 0.13 (2012-05-25)

  • Installation procedure corrected for international users (see ‘Localisation’ above).

Version 0.12 (2012-05-22)

  • Edit preferences: Show default values (not editable) if soo_plugin_pref is not installed.
  • Thumbnail size not set: If thumbnail defaults where never set (e.g. in a fresh Txp-install), DropLoader sets default values (thumb_w/h: 100/100, thumb_crop: 1) for these preferences upon installation.

Version 0.11 (2012-05-21)

  • fix for “white screen” if soo_plugin_pref is not installed: Use hard-coded defaults.
  • Text of Open trigger changed from DropLoader to Upload Images

Version 0.1 (2012-05-18)

  • Initial release