abl_droploader is a plugin for the Content Management System Textpattern CMS. As the name implies, it’s a file uploader utility, one that allows you to upload multiple files at once, using “Drag and Drop”. This works on the Image-Pane and also on the Write-Pane. Files upoloaded on the Write-Pane will automatically be assigned to the currently open article.


  • Enables uploading of multiple images at once (no Flash required)
  • File selection using drap & drop or the file open-dialog
  • Hides the standard upload-form in the images-tab
  • Automatically assign an image-category to all uploaded images
  • Automatically create thumbnail (multiple thumbnails are possible by using the plugin smd_thumbnail)
  • Fully compatible to the standard image upload-form: Form data is posted to the same script (txp_image.php) for processing
  • Enables image uploads directly from the write-tab (Article detail/edit view)
  • Automatically assign uploaded images to the current article (Write-pane only)
  • Supports localisation (l10n) using textpacks.


  • Textpattern CMS (Version 4.4.1 to 4.6.x)
  • Plugin soo_plugin_pref is required to edit the plugins preferences. If this is not installed, built-in preferences will be used.

Textpacks (localisation)

The Textpattern plugin abl_droploader supports localisation (l10n) using Textpacks. The plugin already contains Textpacks for English (en-gb) and German (de-de).

Other translations are provided by friendly Textpattern-Users:

  • Nederlands: Jelle, Kees Brandenburg
  • Czech: Miloš Berka
  • Français: jpdupont, Pat64
  • Spanish: José M. Ciordia

Thank you!

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